Oxford-based drag darling, compére extraordinaire and mother of the Oxford Drag scene, Ginger is a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

This must-see performer has been tearing up the cabaret scene for nearly 4 years, from her silly and surreal acts to her queer and boundary-breaking events.


About Ginger

Serving her own brand of camp ridiculousness, it’s always a party with Ginger Tart. She’s been making a splash on the UK scene since 2015. Whether she’s being regurgitated by a shark or stripping as a cruciferous vegetable, she oozes kitsch and comic value out of her every pore. Based in Oxford, UK, she serves wild and wacky routines with sensational kooky costumes and a face that’s more dexterous than a Russian gymnast.

Best known for producing and hosting the infamous OxPHWOARd, a drag and burlesque night showcasing the queer, camp, and eclectic, she is a staple of the Oxford cabaret scene.

She has mentored many on the cabaret circuit and has recently founded the Oxfordshire Drag Collective, a home for all aspiring drag creatures in Oxford.

Other Projects

In addition to performing, Ginger is involved in a range of projects. Take a look below.


Oxford-based drag and burlesque show

Infamous sell-out show OxPHWOARd features some of the best in subversive cabaret. With a stellar new line-up every time, it has been lauded as “one of the best nights out in Oxford!” (Daily Info).

Oxfordshire Drag Collective

Oxford-based drag troupe

A home for all aspiring drag creatures in Oxford, the Oxfordshire Drag Collective is all about community and mentoring. They run regular sell-out show SPUDS at the Jericho Tavern.

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Ginger Tart has been hosting shows for nearly three years. A “charismatic and witty host” (Daily Info). With lots of experience hosting queer events, Ginger ensures an inclusive environment for all.

“She held the show together with an assured and experienced charm.” – Daily Info

“We were warmly invited to enter her world, and it’s a world where people support and love each other, respect each other’s bodies, and perhaps most importantly, learn to love themselves.” – Daily Info

Cabaret Performer

Ginger has been performing on the scene for nearly 4 years. Dubbed as “fabulously bizarre”, her acts are a hysterical journey into the surreal and silly. With a range of drag and burlesque acts available, there’s something to suit any event which enjoys a touch of the weird and wonderful!



If you’re looking to add some flair and character to your event, Ginger is available for walkabout. With a range of stunning and outrageous costumes, she will confidently create a sense of atmosphere and charm, whether she’s dressed as Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland or a rainbow loofah dream.


Ginger has mentored many of the UK cabaret circuit and has recently formed the Oxfordshire Drag Collective to mentor new drag performers. She offers workshops in a range of areas including Beginners Burlesque, Drag Makeup, Wig Styling, Tearaway costume making and much more! Ginger is also available for 1:1 sessions to develop your craft.


Ginger has been producing shows for nearly 4 years. Her regular cabaret OxPHWOARd has been selling out venues since 2017. She has also worked with Oxfordshire Drag Collective to produce SPUDS which has sold out every show so far.

Ginger can use her industry knowledge and connections to help plan an event for you.


From OxPHWOARd with Love


As February come around, love is in the air! But at OxPHWOARd we don’t just want to celebrate romance. Love comes in many forms and we’ve got a selection of drag and burlesque to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Featuring a range of performers of different shapes and sizes that will make you say “PHWOAR”!

We’re asking you to think strong, think silly and think sexy.

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“An unforgettable evening.” – Daily Info

OxPHWOARd is Oxford’s best loved cabaret, celebrating the camp, queer, and eclectic. Serving fierce, funny and frisky cabaret acts, OxPHWOARd is an electric evening showcasing drag and burlesque as you’ve never seen it before.

Starring performers of all shapes, sizes, and genders, you never know what’s coming next in this high energy, one-of-a-kind show.

Producers: Ginger Tart (she/her) and Frisky Whispers (he/him)


Please contact Ginger here for any enquiries regarding rates and bookings for performance work, event production and promotion, classes and workshops.