About Ginger

Serving her own brand of camp ridiculousness, it’s always a party with Ginger Tart. She's been making a splash on the UK scene since 2015. Whether she’s being regurgitated by a shark or stripping as a cruciferous vegetable, she oozes kitsch and comic value out of her every pore. Based in Oxford, UK, she serves wild and wacky routines with sensational kooky costumes and a face that’s more dexterous than a Russian gymnast.

Best known for producing and hosting the infamous OxPHWOARd, a drag and burlesque night showcasing the queer, camp, and eclectic, she is a staple of the Oxford cabaret scene.

She has mentored many on the cabaret circuit and has recently founded the Oxfordshire Drag Collective, a home for all aspiring drag creatures in Oxford.

Other Projects

In addition to performing, Ginger is involved in a range of projects. Take a look below.


Oxford-based drag and burlesque show

Infamous sell-out show OxPHWOARd features some of the best in subversive cabaret. With a stellar new line-up every time, it has been lauded as "one of the best nights out in Oxford!" (Daily Info).

Oxfordshire Drag Collective

Oxford-based drag troupe

A home for all aspiring drag creatures in Oxford, the Oxfordshire Drag Collective is all about community and mentoring. They run regular sell-out show SPUDS at the Jericho Tavern.

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