Lesbian Shark Attack Cruise Ship Love Affair

The tale of a misunderstood shark who is desperate to make it into the cabaret business. Unfortunately she's harbouring a deep, dark secret- that she swallowed her former lover whole! Partway through the act the shark regurgitates her lover and the two share a powerful love medley. But can the relationship last? Ginger’s silliest act to date, using puppetry, lip syncing and an incredibly campy soundtrack- this act must be seen to be believed.

Eat It

Broccoli is sick and tired of feeling underappreciated and wants you to suck it up and eat it. This is a high energy, fierce lip-sync number complete with giant 6ft tall fork and broccoli fans.

This act is also available as a brussel sprout routine for that festive time of year.

Music: Eat it- Weird Al Yankovic

Length: 3 1/2 minutes

Malambo No. 1

Ginger channels her inner opera singer for this high camp lip synch number with some very flamboyant isis wings work. With fantastic comic timing, this high energy act is perfect for adding a bit of Peruvian flair to any evening.

Music: Malambo No. 1 - Yma Sumac

Length: Approx 3 minutes

Hungry Eyes

Running a cake sale isn’t the sexiest thing in the world. The cake, however, is very sexy and Ginger is powerless to resist. A hysterical comic act that any true foody will identify with. This act can get messy so we provide a tarp which we recommend be put down and that the act be done before an interval.

Music: Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen

Length: Approx 4 minutes

Watch video here

The Martini Glass Routine: A Tribute

Ginger is excited to pay homage to burlesque legend Dita Von Teese and her iconic martini glass routine. Unfortunately the venue misunderstands the brief and brings a standard, 15cm tall martini glass and leaves Ginger to make do. A comical act with a blend of classic burlesque movement and sheer silliness. Contains a very small water pour.

Music: ‘Purple Wail’ - Red Prysock

Length: Approx 5 minutes

View video here